Individual Supporters


We are deeply grateful to the following individual supporters for their generosity in giving the Gift of Literacy to New Jersey’s Underserved Children:

$1,000 – $5,000

Amy McDonagh

Valerie Brett

Paul Brown and Joan Fishman


Courtney McCormick

Samuel B. and Dusty Boynton

Barbara Gmelch

Chuck and Jill Leone

Jennifer and Tom Mullins

Robert Rechnitz

Alexander and Christine Baugh

Lee Ann Murray


Nancy Molineux

Liz Devlin

Sheila Labrecque

Joann Pileggi

Henry and Susan Sandlass

Robert and Liza Tamashunas


Susan Karlin

Sherrie Levy

Suzy Manelski

William and Beverly Van Winkle

Patti Whittemore

John and Regina Daly

Cheryl Berman

Cyril S. Arvanitis

William and Carrie Bole

Marsh and Helen Bryan

Teresa Buccarelli

Barbara P. Carton

Walter D. Chambers

Francis Daly

Hugh and Nancy Devlin

Ann Ferguson

John and Cindy Gagliano

Jeanne Gagliano

Bert and Laura Gmelch

James and Nancy Foulk

Danielle Greene

Joyce Gulden

Saul Hershenov and Lynn S. West

Daniel L. Hertz

Laurel Huber

Eugene A. Iadanza

Taryn Iwan

Kelly Kerr

Kristen Lamoreaux

Douglas Liguori

Linda May

Patrick McCarthy

Jeffrey and Laura McCarthy

Linda B. McKean

Jack Middleton

Susan Murray

Tabitha and Joe Pia

Lori Quigley

Susan Rawlins

Marie S. Russo

Sandra Schachat

Kathryne Singleton

Kim Willemstyn

James Tron

Barbara and Lo DeMarco

Robert and Mary Lawrence

Eileen Riddell

Jenny Deane

Renate Flint

Elaine Casaprima

Kristen Lamoreaux

Denise Thomas

Dana Miller

Lisa Becker

Hayley Colraine

Sherrie Levy

The Tognacci Family

Up to $99

Judy Noglows

Shirley Rathemacher

Maria Allocco

Faith Allpress

Connie Beggs Hofmann

Leslie Castellini

Lee Clay

Teddy Clifford

Jenny Deane

Beth Del Vecchio

Sarah Devine

Karin Devlin

Sacka Duffy

Theodore Fishman

Arnie Forrest

S. Thomas Gagliano

Michelle Green

The Hickey Family

Christine Hoffman

William and Karen Hyatt

Teresa Jahns

Natalie Kane

Audrey Maiese

Phyllis Merchant

William Mitchell

George and Joan Morris

Linda Wien Murray

Antoinette Pescitelli

Beverly B. Reiss

Kristy Rogers

Judy Rose

Dina Rovere

Audrey Vernick

Jeneane Vespia

Ann D. Westerfield

Campbell Whisnand

Linda Wirth

Melinda Ardnt

Patrick and Stephen Finn

Christine and Robert Henry

Ryan Morey

Shelley Bravin

Susan Sansone

Cathy Balto

Jesse Burns

Peggy Carroll

Jeffrey Ciccone

Marie Cottrell

Sharon Herman

Josephine Lindgren

Esther Louise

Anne Marie Macari


Mihaelac Moscaliuc

Stephen and Carmel O’Dowd

Ysabel Y. Padovano

Patricia Pontoriero

Sandy Wolman

Andrew Woodrow

Gail Cardell

Margaret McArdle

Marianne Ruch

Jacqueline Dorward

Joshua Kalmikoff

Marylouise Van der Wilden

Philip Kuntz

Lois Burns

Nancy Kalmikoff

Randal Kalmikoff

Liron Noiman

Heather Pierson

Cecilia Rigaud

Holly Fay

Ama Abebreseh

Diane Deehan

Corrine Merker

Kimberly Yarbrough

Lynna Heinze

Patricia MacKinney

Laura Finlaw

Roselynn Kerolle

Susan Murray

Kelly Taylor

Susan Wooley

Mary Barthello

Elaina Naples

Karen Fishman

patty soffer

Lara Carpenter

Chryssa Yaccarino

Wendy Murray

Joan Fishman

Kim Keating

Jennifer Shonk

Sandra Weekley

Laura Zimmerman

Margaret Eitl

Megan Spencer

Listing reflects gifts made in 2014 and 2015.  Every effort is made to retain the utmost integrity in this listing.  If there is a chance or an error to which you would like to draw our attention, please email  Thank you.