Big milestones deserve something special – like a new logo. Happy 20th Anniversary to us & to YOU, our community!

Thank you to all the parents, teachers, kids, businesses, and community groups for organizing book drives.
Thank you to countless volunteers, young and old, for sorting and packing thousands of books for kids who need them.
Thank you to the teachers and community service providers for finding the time to drive the distance to pick up boxes and boxes of books and then make them available to the kids and families that you serve.

We have reached 20 years because of you.

For all the children we have touched with books, we know that there are still children across New Jersey who need books. As we start to write the next chapter, we are looking to get creative in how we achieve this goal.  So, part of our celebration this year is also about looking forward to for new ways to level the playing field by getting even more books into the hands of kids who need them.

Ensuring that all children have access to the magic of books is an investment in our future.

Would you like to get involved? Volunteer with us!

We’d like to thank Patricia Manuelli of Patti with and Eye, LLC. for her assistance in designing our 20th Anniversary logo.