Where Our Books Go

Our books are distributed to underserved kids through…


Through more than 100 agencies across the state


In underserved areas throughout the state

Community Outreach Events

Directly to children at community outreach events

… and anywhere else we can find kids who need books.

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Agencies Across the State

We give books to New Jersey’s underserved children through over 100 New Jersey agencies and organizations.  Childcare centers, family centers, youth organizations, adoptive service groups are just some of the types of agencies that receive our books.  In addition, we provide Spanish and bi-lingual books to agencies around New Jersey as requested.




We have delivered tens of thousands of books to schools throughout New Jersey for reading programs in the summer and throughout the school year.  We have provided books to students in virtually every school district in the State where there is a need, including Asbury, Keansburg, Cumberland, Camden, Trenton, Newark and East Orange.



A Special Partnership with New Jersey Youth Corps

The New Jersey Youth Corps is a full-time voluntary program with a strong focus on community service that provides education, work experience and life skills training to approximately 1,000 low-income out-of-school youths between the ages of 16 and 25. Youth Corps members pick up books and distribute them directly to at-risk children in their own communities.  We have donated books to all eleven Youth Corps sites including: Asbury Park, Camden, Trenton, Vineland, Jersey City and Edison. The number of books that these teens and young adults have helped to distribute is in the tens of thousands.



Directly to Children at Community Outreach Events


We participate in community events such as resource fairs distributing audreyvernick 052books directly to children who attend. Parents and children are often surprised to learn that the books are free and they are delighted to take books home to keep.


We also sponsor events to coincide with Read Across America Week. From massive book distributions to in-classroom reading, we love to celebrate Read Across America Week!


New Jersey Youth Corps

Through a special partnership with New Jersey Youth Corps

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