April is National Volunteer Appreciation Month and a time to pause and thank everyone who has volunteered to support our mission to provide an ongoing source of books to underserved children throughout New Jersey!

Our work would not be possible without the work of our dedicated volunteers. Since our beginning in 2003, Bridge of Books Foundation has been able to get more than 900,000 books in the hands of New Jersey’s underserved children to support the development of literacy skills and encourage a love of reading. Volunteers have helped out in a great many ways—collecting and donating books; sorting books for distribution, including our Sunday Sorting events; supporting special programs like Books & Barbers and Books 365; and participating in reading events at local schools to honor Dr. Seuss. Because of this invaluable contribution, we’re eager to say a big public “Thank you volunteers! We salute you!”

To each and every one of our volunteers, my sincere thanks. I am honored to work side-by-side with such caring and giving individuals.

Abigail A. Daly, Founder and Executive Director

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”
– Dr. Seuss

2018 List of Volunteers

Amanda Adams

Anna Adams

Umama Ahmed

Aaima Arif

Amanda Baum

Jack Baum

Denise Brashear

Maddie Brashear

Valerie Brett

Rahil Budhwani

Sanil Budhwani

Candice Burke

Amy Byrnes

Catie Carton

Gianna Cavalluzzi

Julia Chrobocinski

Arrius Clarke

Tyler Conklin

Jessica Cook

Morgan Cook

Maria Crespo

Ellen Daly

Lang Daly

Nancy Daly

Beth DelVecchio

Angelica Derose

Andrew Ferjensik

Sarah Fidai

Akemi Furuyama

Rachel Gardner

Tyler Gordon

Ken Grasso

Cate Hackett

Cathy Hackett

Aiza Hassan

Farida Hassan

Nyel Hassan

Andrew Hegarty

Karen Hewes

Kent Hottmann

Brianna Hughes

Rina Hughes

Audrey Humes

Patty Humes

Shahma Jesani

Xavier Jesani

Leigh Johnson

Zian Jumma

Dylan Kessler

Susan Kessler

Reshma Lailani

Zutair Lalani

Sarah Lee

Amanda Lehman

Heather Lennon

Iona Leslie

Jimmy Leslie

Daniel Lisle

Abby Lorenzo

Stephanie Mahns

Jennifer Mantle

Jack Marshall

Betsy Martin

Ellen McNamara

Susan Meehan

Norin Merchant

Sinan Merchant

Tamseel Momin

Sajdah Muhammad

Todd Muhammad

Yasmeen Muhammad

Liam Murphy

Adam Nathoo

Aidan Neill

Erica Neill

Eileen Nociolo

Arsh Noorani

Cleat Oakes

Huck Oakes

Jennifer Oakes

Sailor Oakes

Sania Panjwani

Alexa Parchment

Suzanne Parchment

Sophia Patel

Laura Pauli

Charlie Pearson

Natalie Peitsinovski

Joann Pileggi

Christiana Popo

Clarissa Potter

Beth Powell

James Powell

Aaryan Premji

Mishka Premji

Ashley Rescinio

Lisa Reulbach

Aazaan Rhemtylla

Kristy Rogers

Noah Russo

Jeanne Marie Ryan

Ekta Sabuwalla

Nayab Sabuwalla

Shairuz Sachedin

Zain Sachedina

Emily Schneider

Edward Sheehan

Riana Sherali

Jen Shields

Lindsey Slott

Amir-Nayiem Smith

Asan-Najm Smith

Asir-Nahsiem Smith

Meghan Smith

Jan Sparrow

Lauren Spence

Lynn Spence

Anne Strafaci

Kimberly Stulb

Anne Van Hemmen

Aleem Virani

Aleena Virani

Khyia Washington

Jimmy Watson

Robert Weiner

Jasper Wilson

Shane Xiao

Cindy Zayko