My Little Library

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In 2012, immediately after Hurricane Sandy, we jumped into action to try to determine where books would be of assistance in helping children to attain some sort of normalcy in the wake of such a devastating storm. Once children were able to return to school, we realized that non-school age children were still having to accompany their parents to the FEMA centers and sit, sometimes for hours, while paperwork was completed. To solve this problem, Bridge of Books Foundation created and distributed nearly 300 individual “Bags of Books” to pre-school children in the months following Sandy.


“The feedback was positive – both from the FEMA workers and the parents,” says Bridge of Books Foundation Founder & Executive Director Abigail Daly. “So, we kept the “Bags of Books” on hand and kept our ears open for more situations where this type of book distribution would be a good fit. Last year, we received a request to provide “Bags of books” to kids being adopted in Cumberland County. Needless to say, it was a huge success!.”


We knew it was time to name this program and formally recognize it as yet another way to get more books into the hands of kids who need them. Thus, the My Little Library program was born along with our new hashtag- #BooksForAll.  Our inaugural distribution? “My Little Library” totes to hundreds of New Jersey Foster Children celebrating their adoptions on November 21st, National Adoption Day. classyecard2


We will continue to look for underserved children in situations who may benefit from having a “My Little Library” tote of books. Please let us know if you work with kids who would benefit from is program. Contact Us.