Books 365

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Children need access to books 365 days a year.  In their homes.  In their schools.  In their communities.  Period.  If you work with kids who need books or if you are looking for a good home for the books that your kids have outgrown, we are here to help – 365 days a year.



Here are just a few of the reasons why the Bridge of Books Foundation was started in the first place:


  • The number of books in a home is often a better predictor of a child’s educational success than the educational level of the child’s parents.
  • Children need to have books over the summer in order to prevent loss of academic gains from the previous school year.
  • Well developed literacy skills are the building blocks of a good education.
  • Ongoing access to books will both support the development of strong literacy skills and expose children to the world and all that is possible.
  • All children should have books to call their own.


If you are in any way involved with children who need access to books, please contact us to request a donation of books.   We have ongoing relationships with many service providers because we know that kids need ongoing access to books – in their homes, schools and communities.   We want our books to go home with the kids who need them so that they can start to build their own il_fullxfull.444065500_s8r2collections.  We are working every day to close the gap in access to books among New Jersey’s children and we need your ongoing support to do so.


We need to know who you are, how many children you serve and their ages.  Let’s start the conversation today to get books to the kids you serve.  Request Books.


Have books to donate? Click here.