Our Wish List

#WeNeedDiverseBooksPhoto Oct 28, 11 51 02 AM


From our beginning way back in 2003, we have always wanted kids to have access to a wide variety of books.  Books in which they see themselves.  Books in which they see the world around them.  Books by diverse authors.  Books written in diverse genres.  Books dealing with a wide variety of issues.  Kids are more likely to read books that they can choose for themselves.  And, in a time of so much uncertainty and when there is so much work to be done, books – and lots of them – are some of the best tools we can give our kids.


To this end, we have created an ongoing Amazon wish list – “#WeNeedDiverseBooks” – that includes a wide variety of books that will appeal to a wide variety of kids.  These are titles that we normally buy; so we are beyond grateful when any of these titles are purchased for us.


This list is by no means complete.  If you know of a title that you think should be included, please feel free to email us.


Thank you for your support!