Donate Books

Looking to…
Donate the books that your kids have outgrown?
Host a book drive?

How about hosting a “Books for Birthdays” Party?

• If a book makes a sound or has pop-ups, it must work;
• If a book has parts, it must be complete; 
• Please NO adult books (except parenting books)
• Please NO magazines, textbooks, encyclopedia, coloring books or workbooks.

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Vonage remains closed due to COVID19 concerns.  We know that our donors have been doing a lot of cleaning over the last several months.  We are starting to see providers figure out how to safely get books out to underserved kids across New Jersey. So, we have taken the temporary measure of leasing a storage unit in Atlantic Highlands. This really is a week-by-week operation, as there is only so much room in the unit! We are positing drop hours each week on our Facebook or Instagram pages. Please know that we want your books. It just may take us a bit longer to make room for them! We appreciate your patience and understanding.

If you would like a receipt or need to make alternative arrangements for dropping off books, please email us and/or firmly attach your contact information to your donation.  Please note that it is up to you to count and value your donation for tax purposes.



Book drives are a great way to introduce children of all ages to philanthropy. They make great service projects as well as projects for youth groups and scout troops.  It is also a great corporate project for adults.  Whether child or adult, a book drive is a great way to get involved in helping New Jersey’s underserved children.

Follow these simple steps to launch a successful book drive: Plan
* Contact us to let us know you are planning a book drive
* Get the word out! We recommend 1-2 weeks of advertising
* Click here for a sample email and sample flyer with our standards that you can use
* Choose one or more drop off locations: Start your book collection
* Make sure your collection boxes are large enough and visible
* Include a start and finish date for collecting
* Advertise our standards

* Count the books and sort by age group: pre-school, elementary, middle school and high school.
* Box religious and holiday books for all ages separately.
* Contact us to arrange drop off of books at our office located at Vonage, 23 Main St, Holmdel, NJ 07733

* Your efforts will make a positive impact New Jersey’s underserved children for years to come!

Student-to-student…How to Run a Successful Book Drive




The concept is simple:
• Add a “Books for Birthdays” notice to your party invite. Click here to download a version that you can customize.
• Invite your guests to bring a book to the party to be donated to Bridge of Books Foundation. Your child may even want to request books that are consistent with the theme of the party. (For example, a book about princesses or pirates).
• Your child can experience the joy of receiving the books and the joy of giving them to other children.
• We will send a special thank you to the birthday boy or girl.